Sales Cloud Consultant Exam (CON 201) preparation notes

The Sales Cloud Consultant (CON 201) Certification

The quest for more Salesforce certifications continues!

I'm just about to sit this next exam and after finding so many great resources online to help with the revision I wanted to list them all out for anyone else about to sit the test.

Good luck to you all, please feel free to add any other great resources that you find in the comments below - I still have a few more hours of revision left :)

Official Salesforce.Com Resources

Here are a few of the official learning resources I've been referencing over the past few weeks:

Salesforce Certification website for Sales Cloud Consultant:

Study Guide:

Premier Catalogue:


Online resources used

Great post from David Lui on passing all of the SFDC exams. His site is both hugely useful and inspirational.


Great posts from Ben McCarthy on his experience of the test and a resource list of reading materials:

Slightly older, but still useful overview from Jesse Altman of his exam experience.


Online quiz/flash revision cards can be really useful, but they can also be a) wrong, b) incomplete, c) out of date, or d) all of the above,

I think it's fantastic that members of the community put these together and I used these 3 below a lot for revision.

I would always recommend deferring back to official Salesforce documentation if you come across a card and think "I thought that limit was different to that" - chances are that Salesforce has changed since the card was written.


Exam Technique

I'm going to use the same exam technique that I outlined in my previous post on the Certified Advanced Administrator revision notes for this exam.

The Initial Sweep

First, I'll run through the questions in the exam and will mark each one I am confident about on a piece of paper. Any questions that I'm not sure about I'll mark for review later on.

The Detailed View

On the second pass I'll re-read the questions that I was confident on, just to make sure I didn't misunderstand it on the first pass, but will then spend more time on the questions I'm not so confident about. I'll then amend those questions or keep the answers the same.

At this point I'll add up how many of the questions I am confident on and see what possible percentage I'm up to.

Final Checks

After 2 detailed read through and having a rough score added up on paper if there's time I'll do one final check before submitting the test (keeping fingers crossed).


In addition to reading and re-reading a lot of information I also typed out the following notes for the exam based on sections in the study guide:

Max look up 5 per object

Attachment limits - 25MB for file, 2GB for feed attachments

Content delivery per 24 hour - 10GB maximum

Content delivery view count - 20,000 per 24 hour

Max custom Apps is 10

Max custom objects on Unlimited version 2,000 - 400 in developer

Custom labels - max 5,000

Custom permissions 1,000

Custom profiles 1,500

Divisions - max 100

Entitlements processes - 20 and 10 milestones

Field History Tracking - up to 20 standard or custom fields

Maximum size of formula field 3,900 characters

Maximum number of unique relationships per object - 10

Permission Sets - Maximum of 1,000 on the platform

Quote PDF maximum logo size is 5MB

Recycle bin can store 25 times the storage of the overall ORG

Static resources can be max 5MB


0 Personal Edition
3 Contact Manager
5 Group Edition
10 Professional Edition
25 Enterprise Edition
Unlimited - Unlimited and Performance Edition
100 Developer Edition


500 personal tags max
5,000 instances of personal tags that are applied to records
1,000 public tags


Maximum Account Assignment Rules - 15

Max Users:

Unlimited in Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited

2 in Developer

50 versions of Visual Workflow and 2000 steps are max across all editions

5,000 max number of web to case in 24 hour period

500 max number of web to lead in 24 hour period - all versions

You get any leads/cases that come in after this limit the next day up 

until 50,000 records are queueing. At that point, nothing else comes into 

the queue.

Salesforce 1 reports - max 20 filters
max 5 formula's

Dashboard filters 3 per dashboard

Dynamic dashboards up to 10 for Unlimited Edition

Adding people to Campaigns


Add people to campaigns from report 50,000
Campaign update wizard - 50,000
Adding people from list view 250 per list page
Editing an individual contact - 1


Add from report 50,000
Add from wizard 50,000
Add from list view - 250


Maximum groups 100
Max groups in ORG 10,000
Max chatter file 25MB
Max attachments in single post 25

Max mentions 25
Max string 5,000
Unlimited bookmarks
Favourites: 50

Max topics for post 10


Key fields

Active - On or Off

Converted Leads - number of Leads associated that converted. These are calculated automatically, even if the person doesn't have access to them. You can't referees this field in formula's or workflows but can be referenced by custom formula fields

Num Total Opportunities - similar to above -  calculated

Num Won Opportunities - number associated with this campaign with status Closed/Won

Total Response - combination of all campaign contacts and leads that have Status =  Responded

Campaign Currency - Amounts display in the campaign currency and are displayed in the user personal currency as well

Campaign Member Type - Record type to control page layouts

Campaign Record Type - Use this to drive different pick list values etc

Type - Specify the type of campaign

A campaign can have a max hierarchy of 5 levels

Each campaign can only have 1 parent but can have an unlimited number of siblings

Differences between Files, Salesforce CRM Content, Salesforce Knowledge, Documents, and 

Files - Collaborate with workers
CRM Content - Collaborate with workers and deliver to customers
Knowledge - Manage content articles and build knowledge base for Customer Portal, Partner Portal, site, or internal users
Documents tab - store web resources i.e. logos etc without having to attach them to a record
Attachments - Attach files to specific records


Files 2GB
CRM content 2GB
Knowledge 5mb on attachments
Documents 5mb
Attachments 25mb file attachments, 2gb for feed attachments

Max Roll up summary fields across all editions: 10
Max relationship fields all editions: 40


Maximum number of articles - 50,000
Maximum article types - 100
Article tracking - activity is tracked for 18 months on articles

Picklist Limits

Maximum of 100 choices for:

Lead Status
Task Status
Task Priority
Case Status
Opportunity Stage

and 50 for:

Case Priority

Approval Processes

1,000 max processes
300 approval processes per object
30 step maximum
25 approvers per step

10 email alerts
10 tasks
10 field updates
10 outbound messages
10 flow triggers

Storage capacity

Divided into 2 categories: file and data

Files includes attachments, documents tab, files tab, file field, Salesforce CRM content, chatter, and assets

Data covers everything else including: Accounts, Cases, Opportunities, Solutions, Tasks


  • Full sandbox refresh every 29 days
  • Partial copy refresh every 5 days
  • Developer or Developer Pro 1 per day

Sandbox Storage

  • Full - Same as your production org
  • Partial - 5gb files, 5gb data
  • Developer - 200mb files, 200mb data

If you hit a storage limit no warning is sent in Sandbox but no new data is saved.

Synchronous SOQL 100, Asynchronous 200

Corporate Currency

Headquarters revenue - basis for all currency conversions

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates between corporate currencies and multiple currencies used across ORG - maintained by Admin

Personal Currency

Default user currency for quotas, forecasting, and reports. Must be an active currency. For collaborative forecasts, it must be in display currency.

Active Currency

Current currency that you are doing business in - entered into Opps, Forecasts etc

Inactive - No longer in use currency

Record Currency

Each record has standard currency field that specifies currency for the field

All records display in the record's currency but are converted to the personal currency of record owner based on conversion rates

Good luck with your own revision and test!


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  5. Hi Iain

    Your post on 211 certification was very good guidance for me. I passed that and now I am preparing for con 201. I was looking forward for a post on that here. I didn’t come across any. Do you have any pointers on how to go about it?

    1. I mean to say this post is pretty good but any other pointers you can give after passing CON201 exam.

    2. Hi Prathima

      Thank you for your note - good luck with your exams - I have another post covering the Service Cloud exam -


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