Cleared my ADM 211 Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (SP15) exam!

ADM 211 Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (SP15)

Tackling ADM 211

I recently completed my ADM 211 Advanced Administrator exam. I used a lot of great material available on various blogs/websites for revision, and I just wanted to share those resources here for anyone else working towards this.

Good luck in your own exam.


Here's a list of my recommended study materials:

  • Study Guide

This study guide is the best starting point for any revision planning. I spent a lot of time looking at the % weighting of each exam section in order to prioritise my learning.

The study guide also signposts several e-learning modules in the Premier Catalogue which proved really useful.

  • Salesforce Premier Online Training Catalogue

If you have access to the Premier catalogue, I'd highly recommend working through the modules recommended by the Study Guide. Several of my exam questions were taken directly from these so it was definitely worth completing them.

If you don't have access to the Premier catalogue, I'd recommend extra time in Trailhead to compensate.

  • Trailhead 

Trailhead is a fantastic FREE resource from Salesforce where you earn badges and complete configuration challenges directly in a Sandbox acccount.

Rather than just learn the theory behind configuration you get the chance to complete challenges directly in your Developer ORG. You then get your challenges automatically validated by to see if you were right.

Warning: Badge gathering can get seriously addictive.

  • SFDC 99

David Liu's website is excellent for developing knowledge. I was really sad to hear that David is moving on to another project and won't be able to keep the site updated in future but it's got a ton of great material on there to continue studying from.

  • Revision Questions

Here are 2 test question sets that I revised from regularly. (Double check each limit question with the current documenation as they might date over time).

The Exam

During the exam I first answered all of the questions I felt most confident about. I marked any I was unsure about for "Review" which is a nice feature of the Salesforce exams.

Once I'd completed that, I still had 60 minutes remaining so I started my 2nd read through. This allowed me to concentrate on those trickier questions.

After the 2nd read through I had reduced the number of questions marked for review down to about 10 and this allowed me to spend the last part of the exam focusing on those.

With about 10 minutes before the end of the exam I used a technique I found on this blog to add up the total number of questions and estimate my % correct. The estimate looked good so I submitted the exam and waited eagerly for the result.

I was so happy when the screen came up to confirm the pass!

The Questions

I don't have a photographic memory but here are the questions that I remember from the day.
  1. What should you do before you activate entitlements?
  2. What would be the correct process be when merging 2 Accouts with duplicate Contacts in each? 
  3. Which type of Sandbox would be best to use for training? It will need to be refreshed after each training session.
  4. A user has asked for a new custom field to be added to a custom object. If you are unable to complete the request in time what could you do to enable that user to add themselves?
  5. Choose 2 differences between Role Hierarchy and Territory Management
  6. 5 different team leaders want to receive a scheduled Dashboard every Monday with just their team information on it. How would you set this up?
  7. A manager wants a dashboard to display his reports cases, accounts, and opportunities. How would you set this up?
  8. A user has requested leave but their approval manager is currently on leave. How would you prevent this leave request being stalled in future?
  9. A user cannot access content, how would you fix this?
  10. A user with the Salesforce Content checkbox ticked on their user record cannot access a library, how would you resolve this?
  11. A user has had their "Create content packs" permission removed, what actions could they still perform on the ccontent?
  12. A user has requested approval from his manager. This has not been received by the manager, how would you debug this?
  13. What type of report would show accounts with no closed/won opportunities?
  14. How could you show a count of closed/won opportunities on the account object?
  15. What information do you need to give the IDE during a change set deployment?
  16. The company wants to store applicats and positions. An applicat may apply for multiple positions. When the applicant is deleted, all of their applications for positions should be deleted, how would you accomplish this?
  17. What should you consider before activating Territory Management?
  18. What are 2 features of Territory Management?
  19. What are 2 feaures of Collaborative Forecasts?
  20. What elements of the opportunity roll up to the Forecast?
  21. A user has Read only access to cases on her profile. How would you enable her to have edit access?
  22. A manager cannot access a contact record that belongs to someone they manage. Why could this be?
  23. A manager cannot access a contact record belonging to their direct report. The grant access via hierarchies is ticked. Why can they not access it?
  24. A manager has requested a dashboard showing how many outstanding cases there are each day at 5pm, how would you create this?

Final step

Finally, once I had my exam result I took the approach recommended by David Liu on his website and I updated my LinkedIn photo to show off my new badge in all of its glory.


Thanks to everyone who posts such great Salesforce learning and revision content out there.