Missing Organization Feature: Chatter Error Message

Hi everyone.

Here’s a really quick write up of an error message I came upon the other day whilst trying to install a new package into a customer’s environment.

Here is the body of the message:


1. Missing Organization Feature: Chatter null

Error text in full.

1. Missing Organization Feature: Chatter null

2. Leads Missing Organization Feature: Lead.FeedTracking null

3. Contacts Missing Organization Feature: Contact.FeedTracking null

4. Accounts Missing Organization Feature: Account.FeedTracking null


This message looked quite serious at first, but the vital clue was in the "Missing Organisation Feature" line – this was essentially stating that Chatter was not turned on in the environment that we were installing the new app into.

The fix for this error was to Enable Chatter – (after discussing with the customer of course). 
To enable chatter go to the Setup Menu and search for Chatter.
Then go to Chatter Settings.

On the next screen look for Enable under Chatter Settings.

If it is not Enabled, 
  1. Click Edit, 
  2. Check the Box
  3. Press Save.

After enabling Chatter, try and install the package again. It should now be accepted.

Image from Pexels - Artist Pixabay