Compile all Triggers feature activation

Compile All Triggers

I was running some routine maintenance in a customer's environment the other day when a new/exciting error message appeared in the developer console.
Dependent classes and triggers are invalid and need recompilation

Usually for this error I just head over to Apex Classes and press

Compile all classes

That should solve one part of the problem, now what about compiling the Triggers?

A hidden button

The error message specified that both Classes and Triggers needed recompiling. 

The problem? 

There wasn't a button to Compile all triggers in the user interface.

Solving this just need a quick look around the success community and then over to Salesforce support who said that they could activate the button for me.

Here's the help article I found that prompted me to contact support:

24 hours later the Compile all triggers option appeared magically in Develop > Triggers.

Once I had complied all classes and triggers the error message went away - time for the next challenge!

Image from, artist Negative Space