Manager Name in Salesforce report?

No Manager 

Manager name in Salesforce report?

I just received a request from a customer to have all of their users in a report grouped by the manager and wanted to capture one customisation I had to make to do it.

No Manager Field?

The Salesforce User object has a Manager clearly showing on the page but when you go to report type = User and try to find a Manager field it's not there.

After a quick search on the community I found that other people had already noticed this problem and the fix either seemed to be:
  1. A new custom record type
  2. Or, create a new field for the Manager manually
I went with option 2. 

Here is the success post that helped me solve this:

How can I create a user report that shows the users' manager?

Creating the new formula field is really quick to do, just navigate to the User object, click New Custom Field and choose Type = Formula/Text then enter: 

Manager.FirstName + " " + Manager.LastName

Formula field for adding Manager name

Then click Save. 
You do not have to add this new Formula field to the page layout if you do not wish to show it on the page.

After that, click New Report and choose User as the type - then you can access your newly created field and group the data by Manager name.

Once saved, the new field appears in the report builder