Email Alert - Send to Formula Field

Email Alert - Send to Formula Field

Hi. Here's a really quick write up of a problem I came across over the Easter break.

On a Case record, I utilised a complex Formula field to return the best email address to send an update to.

The complication? 

You cannot currently send an Email alert to a Formula field showing an email address.

The solution? Read on!

Making a Formula value 'Real' 

As if often the case, my first port of call for this problem was the Salesforce Success Community

I found this great suggestion from Deepak on how to solve this problem.

I took Deepak's suggestion and set up a simple Process Builder function to populate an email field on the Case object with the text returned by the Formula. 

The entry criteria for the Process Builder was a simple Not Equal To <> command.

Process Builder

Entry Criteria

Formula to Mirror the email address

Hope that helps!

Deepak Anand is prolific on the success community and is well-worth following:

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