Showing all Custom Fields in a Change Set

Timesaver: Showing all Custom Fields in a Change Set

The problem: 

You're trying to select a large number of custom fields from a particular object into your new shiny change set.

You can sort the custom fields alphabetically pretty easily, but annoyingly there is no A,B,C,D filter when you sort by the Object name.

The solution:

Here's the suggested workaround in case you ever come across this problem.
    When sorting Field Names you can usually jump to an Alphabet letter
    • Select Custom Fields on the Change Set and sort by Object list alphabetically - (first work out whether Z-A or A-C gets you closer to the object you need the fields from)

    A,B,C,D filter appears as default on a change set

    When sorting by Custom Object the A,B,C,D menu disappears
    • When the page reloads, navigate down to the bottom of the page and select 'Show More Records' 
    Check the URL after clicking on 'show more records per page'
    • When the page has loaded again take a close look at the URL. Clicking show more has added 'rowsperpage' as a variable. Now it's showing you 260 custom fields. Increase that number to a much bigger number like 1000 and press return to re-load the page again.
    Find the end of the URL and increase the rowsperpage value
    • The end result is a much longer page that shows you the custom fields, grouped by Object. The increased row count should let you see all of the fields you need. If not, just increase the rowsperpage again. 

    The new, much longer page is sorted by Object and shows all required fields

    Alternative approach:

    One faster way to add all of your Custom Object fields to your change set would be to first select the Custom Object, then click on 'View Dependancies'. This will bring up a list of the Custom Fields in the object and you can select them from there.

    Image taken from Pexels, artist James Sutton