Greyed Out Picklist after Deployment

Solved: Greyed Out Picklist after Deployment

Today I came upon a picklist field in my customer's sandbox that couldn't be edited. 

The field was all greyed out even though my profile was set to System Administrator.

Here's a quick write-up of what caused it...

Field Security

Ok, so in this instance, I checked the basics first.
  1. Was the field set to read only in the page layout? No
  2. What were the Field Level Security settings? Edit
  3. What was the Object Access setting in my Profile? Modify All

What else could it be?

After a few minutes of head scratching, I headed over to the Salesforce Success Community and soon found the check that I had been missing. 

After deploying a picklist via a Change Set you have to navigate to any Record Types that the Picklist is used on and choose which values can be used in that Record Type.

N.B. If you do not specify any values for that record type the picklist will be greyed out.

Here's a link to the original question from Eric Berger that helped me solve this problem.

The Picklist Values editing Screen - you can choose values that appear against each Record Type


Being able to control the options that appear in picklists for each record type is a really useful feature. However, defaulting this selection to none and giving the user no feedback on why the field is greyed out isn't the best experience. 

Hopefully this is a minor tweak that Salesforce will fix on a future release.

Picture from, artist Life of Pix