What permissions does the User Type LicenseManager have?

Who is the InstallHandler User?

After my recent post on using the PostInstall class to run Apex when a user installs a Salesforce package, I started wondering what type of user this class runs as.

The Mysterious UserType: LicenseManager

I originally assumed that the script would simply run as an administrator level user (as your Post Install Script may call for the creation of new records, objects, custom settings or other items that would require a high permission level) but it turns out that Salesforce allocates a special user type to the InstallHandler class of LicenseManager.

What permissions does the User Type LicenseManager have?

Finding the answer to this question proved tricky and it took a while before I came across this really useful post from 'bigassforce'.

The post is a few years old now but the information is still relevant and answered a lot of questions for me.


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