Mason Frank Salesforce Survey Results

Mason Frank Salesforce Survey Results

A while ago I wrote a post about the annual Mason Frank Salesforce survey. 

Well, the results are now in and I just wanted to share a couple of the highlights with you all.

You can download the full results yourself from Mason Frank via this link.

2016 Results

Here are a few of the results that caught my eye. 
  • Expect a lot of change next year
35% of Salesforce professionals told Mason Frank that they don’t expect to be with their current employer in a year’s time – up 5% on 2015"
  • Either there were fewer contractors/freelancers who responded to the survey this year, or more people have shifted to permanent positions in 2016.
85% of those surveyed by Mason Frank were in permanent, full time employment and 1% worked part time. 10% of those surveyed were freelancers, while 4% told Mason Frank that they were not currently working
  • With all of the new Salesforce certificates and training routes, overall completion is down:
This year the number of respondents holding a Salesforce certification dropped to 73%, down 8% on last year 
  •  The focus on Lightning will only increase this year.
The top 3 Salesforce products predicted to be in demand for clients’ projects in the next year are Lightning, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

What did you notice about the results? Did any of the responses surprise you?