Match Production Licenses to Sandbox without a Refresh

Match Production Licenses to Sandbox (without a Refresh)

Occasionally you will be testing out a new feature in Salesforce which sits behind a premium feature license.

However, what do you do if the feature license isn't visible in that Sandbox environment?

Keeping Licences Synchronised

Each time you refresh a Sandbox in +Salesforce  the two environments are fully synchronised for both functionality and licences. However, many organisations only refresh periodically so you may find that your production environment has newer features than your Sandbox. Although this can also work the other way around as Sandboxes are upgraded by Salesforce ahead of each major release.

If you want to test features that are not available in your Sandbox you can either:
  • Refresh your Sandbox, pulling down the latest meta data from Production (wiping out your current settings in the Sandbox)
  • Or, try to work around the problem another way
One challenge I faced the other day was that the Sandbox we needed to test functionality in was created before we activated new license features in production. As a result of this, the licences were not available in the Sandbox. 

However, it turns out there's a neat button to fix that.

Match Production Licenses

In the Sandbox environment navigate to Setup > Company Information.

Navigate to Setup then Company Information to find the Match Licenses option
At the top of the page you should see an option to "Match Production Licences".

Match Production Licences button appears in Sandbox Company Information page
Once you click the button, Salesforce will compare the available licences in both environments and will synchronise them. Crucially, it will do this without changing any of the customisations in your Sandbox - hurrah!

N.B. If your Sandbox has been upgraded to a preview of the new release you won't see this function. Thanks to Johan Yu for adding that point.