You can't access Lightning Experience - Solved

You can't access Lightning Experience error - Solved

Usually, Salesforce error messages are pretty self-explanatory.

However, this one the other day took a little leg work so I wanted to capture it.

I was creating a new Visualforce page in a customer's ORG and went to the one/ shortcut to preview the page as it would appear on a mobile device.
You can't access Lightning Experience 

If you haven't come across one/ before it's worthing checking out this blog post as previewing the mobile version of your new page in your normal browser is a huge time saver.

However, on this occasion Salesforce was giving me this error.

You can't access Lightning Experience error message
The error message read: 

"The page you're trying to access is available from the Salesforce1 mobile app only. Please try again from a supported mobile device. Need help? Ask your Salesforce admin."

Lightning Enabled?

After a bit of research, I found that the one/ only works now if you have enabled the new Lightning Experience (even if you have not deployed it to your users).

To enable the Lightning Experience I navigated to the Lightning Experience menu and activated the bottom option "Enable the New Salesforce Experience".
Screenshot of Enabling New Lightning Experience
After activating lightning the mobile version of my new page displayed correctly - result!


Icon from Iconfinder, Artist Yannick Lung