The Quick Action that wouldn't appear - solved

The Quick Action that wouldn't appear - solved

Just a short blog post this time on something that took ages to solve but turned out to be a really simple fix.

I hope this saves you some time if you ever come across the same thing.

Introducing Quick Actions

The Saleforce environment I was working on had a number of new Quick Actions to be added to the page layout. 

If you haven't come across Quick Actions before they are a really useful way in Salesforce to put common tasks right in the Chatter Feed at the top of the page. Some of the options for Actions include:
  • Creating a record
  • Updating a record
  • Posting to chatter
  • Log calls and emails
and many more...

For more information on Quick Actions please visit the official documentation from Salesforce. 

There is also an excellent Trailhead module on Object-Specific Actions.

The Complication

Adding Actions to a Page Layout is very straightforward. 

Just edit your page layout and you will see a Quick Actions section on the menu where you can simply drag actions on to the page layout.

Adding Actions to a page layout
Once saved, you should see the action appear on the page layout.

Actions appearing in the Chatter Feed
However, in this particular scenario whenever I viewed the page the Action would be missing each time.

The Solution

There is no security control available to prevent a user from seeing an Action that has been added to a page layout. However, there is an overall setting which has to be activated in order for Actions to appear.

This setting is called "Enable Actions in the Publisher" and sits within Chatter Settings.

To get there, go to the Setup Menu and type in Chatter.

Finding Chatter settings
Then go to Chatter Settings. About half way down the page you should see a section called "Actions in the Publisher". Within that section, check that "Enable Actions in the Publisher" is Active.

Chatter Settings enables Actions

Once activated, go back to the page you added the Action to and it should now show.