NumberFix Version 1.0 Entering Beta Testing

It's alive!

(Well, ready for testing)

You may (or not) remember me blogging about Telephone Number formats in Salesforce a few months ago.

I noticed that on several customer projects the standard and consistency of telephone number formatting was really mixed.

Most Salesforce administrators I met just didn't have the time to run as much clean-up/validation as they would ideally like to do on their data.

Bad Telephone Number Formatting: The Solution?

So, you might be asking yourself why this might be an issue. 

To help answer that, I found this quote from the TDWI.
"The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) estimates that poor data quality costs U.S Business more than $600 billion a year... Meagre data quality affects customer and vendor relationships, results in poor decision making, missed opportunities, and quality downstream."
Since writing the blog post about telephone number formatting I've been working on a new app called NumberFix. NumberFix will run automatically in the background of your Salesforce environment and:
  1. format all phone numbers in a consistent way
  2. add in country codes
  3. check that the telephone number is currently in service

Ready for Testing

Today was a good day for the small team I have working on the app as we successfully uploaded our Beta 1.0 version. 

Beta version 1.0 uploaded successfully

Any Volunteers?

Once we've tested NumberFix internally the next step will be to ask a few brave souls with a Sandbox or Developer Org full of messy Phone numbers to form part of a wider test group.

If you like the sound of the app and would like to get an early advance copy of it and help make it even better, then please get in touch.