Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Transition Exam (WI16) Preparation

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Preparing for the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder - Transition Exam (WI16)


In 2015, Salesforce University unveiled 3 shiny new Certifications for the platform:

As I already held the Salesforce Developer 401 certificate I had the option of taking the App Builder transition exam. I'm really pleased to have passed it and in this blog post I'll share some of the resources I used for my revision.


My first stop for preparing for this exam was reading this this excellent post from Jennifer Lee. It gave me a great starting point for revision with lots of useful links.

Then I looked at the official description for the test listed in the Salesforce site.

App Builder credential explanation
Next I read both the Transition Study Guide (available here: and the the Study Guide for the full App Builder exam. The full study guide shows you the percentage weighting of the questions so you can prioritise your study.


There is a really nice summary of the recommended topics for revision on Abhilasha Singh's blog post:

Once I knew the percentage weighting of the exam I started working through Trailhead and looking for on-line resources to help me study.

This great page on SFDCStudy had a list of useful topics and a practice exam:

Finally, there was another great list of topics to study on Salesforce888 here:

Flash Card Links

Practice exams

I found a few useful practice exams for the AppBuilder exam. As ever a few of them disagreed on some of the best responses. In cases like this, I'd always recommended double checking the official Salefsorce documentation so that you have the most accurate information possible.  

Premier Catalogue

If you have access to the Salesforce Premier Catalogue there's a rich source of training information in there. A lot of the exam questions in past exams have come directly from these Premier modules.

Exam Technique

I'd really recommend Jenwlee's overview of exam technique as described in her blog post.

Next steps

Good luck with your exam! When you've nailed it, I really like David Liu's suggestion of treating yourself for all of that hard work. 

Or you could buy something much more sensible:

Whatever it is, enjoy!