Cleared my Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant (SU15) exam!

Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant (SU15) 

I recently passed my Service Cloud Consultant exam (hurrah!).

I used a lot of great material available on various blogs/websites for revision, and I just wanted to share those resources here for anyone else working towards this.

Why should you study for the Salesforce Certifications?

There's a great post on David Liu's website SFDC99 which gives a great overview of why you should consider working through the qualifications.

For me, I just wanted to develop my knowledge of further and also benchmark my level of knowledge against each Salesforce accreditation.

Good luck in your own exam, I hope you find these resources useful!

Salesforce Certifications

The "golden 5" Salesforce Certificates
The most popular Salesforce Certificates (by the number of people completing them) are:
  1. Certified Administrator ADM201
  2. Certified Advanced Administrator AMD301
  3. Certified Developer DEV401
  4. Certified Sales Cloud Consultant SU15
  5. Certified Service Cloud Consultant SU15


So, if you've decided to go ahead and work towards the Service Cloud Consultant exam here are a few resources that might be useful.

Official Study Guide

This study guide is the best starting point for any revision planning. I spent a lot of time looking at the % weighting of each exam section in order to prioritise my learning. 

Premier Catalogue

It is well worth checking whether your company has access to the Premier Catalogue which proved really useful for me. There are lots of on line recommended modules listed in the study guide. I spent the most time on these 4 modules but try and get through as many as you can.
  1. Preparing for the Certified Service Cloud Consultant Exam
  2. Administration Essentials for the Service Cloud
  3. Setting up and Building Communities
  4. Implementing Case Management Across Channels


This website from David Liu has a fantastic range of learning resources on Salesforce, particularly programming with Apex. There is also a great post explaining how you can work towards all 5 of the Salesforce certificates.

Study Guides/Flash Cards

There are several revision card websites out there. I use and Quizlet the most. Always be careful when looking at Flash Cards, just remember that the answers given in these may change over time, and may or not have been entered correctly by the person creating the card.

Anything else?

Please let me know if you've found any other resources that you found useful for exam preparation and good luck!