Dialler Issues: A Custom Button to the Rescue


Sometimes the simplest solution in Salesforce can really be the best.

I was recently working with some custom software that created Dial Lists within Salesforce for a caller to navigate through.

For example, the person would start at Call 1, make the call, navigate to Call 2 and so on.

The client was experiencing a few issues using this software.

After investigating, it appeared that any changes made to a record that was being dialled whilst the agent worked through the list disrupted the dialler software.

Some of the changes that were causing disruptions included:

  1. Leads were being converted
  2. Leads were being edited (phone number changed etc)
  3. Leads were be edited so that they no longer matched the criteria of the dial list


The most frequently occuring issue was the conversion of a lead. The solution to this utilises a custom button to open the Lead Conversion page in a brand new window.

The agent converts Lead and fills in the Opportunity details in new window, closes new window, and returns to next Dial List entry.


  1. Add a new action to the Next Action drop down list called "Converted".
  2. Create a new button on the Lead object to convert the record. 
  3. Use the formula below to create the button, making sure the Behaviour is set to Display in new window. /lead/leadconvert.jsp?retURL=%2F{!Lead.Id}&id={!Lead.Id}
  4. Remove the standard Convert button from the Lead object
  5. Replace with the custom Convert button you have just created.
New custom button for Converting Leads

Caller Behaviour (New)

  1. Agent initiates call by pressing dial in the dialler app.
  2. While on the call the Agent clicks the new Convert button and the conversion wizard opens in a new window.
  3. Agent populates the relevant fields and saves the record. Once the record is saved the Agent closes the window and goes back to the dialler.
  4. Next Action is set to Complete before the Agent clicks Next
  5. Agent continues with next call