License Management App

License Management Application

I recently deployed the License Management Application for a customer.

The customer found it to be a really useful too to support customer's who had installed their managed app from the AppExchange so I thought I'd write up an overview and installation guide.

What is the LMA?

LMA lets you monitor who has installed your manage package and help them if they get stuck. It also creates a lead every time somebody installs your App.

The installation and configuration were all really well documented in the following guide

After following this guide the LMA was installed successfully and I could immediately see all of the customers who had installed the client's managed package from the AppExchange.

What does the LMA do?

  1. This app lets you track which of your customers have installed your managed package.
  2. It also allows you to track which version each customer has installed.
  3. If a customer has granted your company login access you can login to their ORG to perform updates/support tasks directly
  4. One additional function of the tool which was a welcome surprise to the client was that each time someone installed their product from the appexchange the LMA automatically created a Lead record in Salesforce.

What does it look like?

The app installs with the following Tabs, Leads, Licenses, Packages, Package Versions, Subscribers, Reports and Dashboards.

Using LMA

To use LMA go to Subscribers and then under "Subscriber Organizations" enter the name of the organisation that you want to review.

Then in the list of returned results click the name of the customer. You will then see an overview of that customer's ORG including:
  1. Organisation name
  2. Primary contact
  3. Address
  4. Phone numbers
  5. Even current data usage on the customer's ORG.
  6. Details of users who have granted the vendor Login Access
  7. Details of the current package installed

Logging in when Access Granted

If a customer has granted access to the vendor for support then from this screen you will be able to login to the customer's organisation.

Once logged in you will be able to upgrade/diagnose/resolve the customer's issue directly within their own environment.

When you have completed your session, log out of the customer's ORG to return to your own.

The Permission Set

Having set everything up the next stage was to share this application with other members of the team. Here is the permission set I deployed to achieve this.

Assigned Apps

sfLma.License Management App License Management App

Object Settings

Subscribers -- -- Visible
Subscriptions -- -- --
License Agreements Read, View All 14 --
Licenses Read, Edit, View All 37 Visible
License Type Read, View All 6 Visible

Visualforce Page Access

sfLma.LicenseRefresh License Management App
sfLma.ModifyLicense License Management App
sfLma.SubscriberSupport License Management App

System Permissions

Log in to Subscriber Organization
Manage Package Licenses

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